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Blint Products


BLINT is the best way to have a natural meal, with all the benefits of fruits and vegetables all in just one drink.

It contains high level of antioxidants from natural sources and whey protein isolate created with green technology processes.

Low fat

Thanks to whey protein isolate, our drink has the lowest fat content when compared to any other drink on the market.

Make your life easier

Imagine having a complete and nutritious meal prepared and delivered to you in less than a minute.

It seems hard to believe, but it is true.

Our drink is made fresh and from scratch in just seconds.

Save money be healthier

Enjoy a nutritious meal for half the cost and half calories then the typical meal on the go options available today… avoid junk food!

Perfectly fresh

We are the only vending machine company to offer a premium line of healthy shakes that are made instantly.

Smart range of flavors

Just while standing in front of a BLINT shake vending machine, you are given 5 different flavor options that are each delicious and refreshing.

High nutritional value

BLINT combines the highest nutritional technology to help you keep your natural balance better than ever.

Anti aging formula

Did you know that it is recommended that you should intake 5000 units of antioxidants every day to look young and healthy?

Weight loss control

If you replace one 800-calorie meal with one of our shakes, you will be consuming approximately 600 calories less each day and you will be on a fast track to losing weight everyday.

No sugar added

Because we care, we have developed our formula with no added sugar, just the natural sugar found in fruits and vegetables. Yet, keeping a delicious taste.

Natural energizer

Our premium technology allows you add a kick start to every drink with thousands of units of vitamin B, giving you the power and energy you need.