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Seed Sensation 1.5 lbs jar

Seed Sensation 1.5 lbs jar

$46.00 $30.50

For our vegan friends, we have created perfection!
A delicious combination of sprouts organic seeds with brown rice protein and pea protein.
It contains the right amount of fiber and the right amount of flavor to make you feel sensational.

Main Ingredients:
-Brown Rice Protein
-High Protein Sprout Blend (Pea Protein, Quinoa Sprouts, Broccoli Sprouts, Barley Sprouts, Alfalfa Sprouts, Daikon Radish Sprouts, Red Clover Sprouts, Natural Vanilla)
-Organic Sesame Sprouts
-Natural Vanilla
-Contains 2% or less of: Guar Gum, Calcium Silicate, Silicon Dioxide, Salt, Sucralose.

All these in a 1.5 lbs jar.


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